Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All this while didn't get time (or felt too lethargic) to write blogs....

Today I felt on top of the world when Sandipan told me that my paper on sentence level query expansion which I sent to ICON was accepted. For the entire last week I was keeping my fingers crossed and won't deny that I was in a bit of a tension as well. But all's well that ends well.

Have lots of work ahead. Have to prepare the camera ready copy of the ICON paper and prepare a presentation for it as well. Thinking of using latex to prepare my presentation. It'd be a nice thing to explore.

Meanwhile I'd submitted runs to the INEX adhoc and data centric tracks. I've got to make an initial plan for the web-service discovery and the relevance feedback tracks as well.
Currently I'm also working on the ECIR paper where our main focus is to show that sentence level query expansion works well on the TREC adhoc topics.

Have to think something regarding the CICLING and ECIR poster category.

The most boring job that I've gotta do is to manage the ECIR book-keeping tasks using the conf-tool software. That's the additional burden which Gareth had put on my shoulders. Have to live up to it.... Do I have any other choice though?