Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After about a month of research on using smaller textual units for query expansion, it seems that sentence level expansion is a better candidate for query expansion as compared to term based expansion. I finished writing the paper on my experiments involving sentence level query expansion and submitted it to ICON (a conference to be held on IITKGP). I got some more time to write the paper carefully and concentrate on the meticulous details of the analysis of the results as against the previous submissions to COLING and EMNLP where I really had to rush through compiling the paper. The results are very encouraging on FIRE 2008 and 2010 topics. Hopefully the results will turn out good for TREC topics as well.
The next thing which I'm gonna start is the work on the adhoc and feedback tracks of INEX. My initial plan is to test sentence expansion on the INEX collection using 2009 topics.